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NinDB is an ever-growing archive of information on every game developed and published by Nintendo, from their classic arcade games up to the Nintendo DS and Wii. We include Japan-only games, classic titles and rarities.

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Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! And Game List Updates

24th December 2014

Wow! It's certainly been a long time since I last posted an update here! You may be forgiven for thinking that I've abandoned NinDB and will never ever update it again.


A few weeks ago I silently updated all of the system game lists. They are once again split into Japan, U.S. and European release lists, and again contain every game published by Nintendo, regardless of whether they are a Nintendo property or not. On top of this, I have added European release lists for the NES, Super Nintendo and Game Boy, which required a lot of original research. The widely accepted European release dates on the internet are mostly wrong.

And then today I completely updated all of the Nintendo Series lists. The entire thing has been overhauled, and each individual series has been updated. A few new series have been added too, such as Pushmo, Dillon's Rolling Western and NES Remix.

However, there's still so much to do! More content to add, more game pages to complete... Not to mention the SSB for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U cameo & trophy guides - and yes, I've made a solid start on those already!

So it just leaves me to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you're looking forward to 2015 as much as I am! Mario Maker, Splatoon... It's a good time to be a Nintendo fan.