Romance Novels for Adults: DS Harlequin Selection

大人の恋愛小説 DSハーレクインセレクション

Romance Novels for Adults: DS Harlequin Selection
System Nintendo DS
Developer Genius Sonority
Genre Reference

Based on the book-reader system developed for 100 Classic Books, DS Harlequin Collection is a collection of nearly 40 romance novels from the book publisher Harlequin K.K.

The player holds the Nintendo DS vertically like a book and selects which novel they want to read from a bookshelf. The pages are turned by dragging the Nintendo DS across the page, and the player can insert bookmarks and rate each book on a number of criteria. These ratings can then be put online via. the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for other readers to see.

Release Information

Region Date Name System
Japan 25 Feb 2010 大人の恋愛小説 DSハーレクインセレクション Otona no Renaishousetsu: DS Harlequin Selection Nintendo DS