Famicom Wars


Famicom Wars
System Famicom / NES
Developer Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Genre Strategy

You are the Orange Star army, at war with the Blue Moon army. Take turns to buy units, move units on the field, capture cities and attack enemy units. Capture cities to earn more money to spend on more units.

Each unit starts with 10 health. The amount of damage dealt and received during an attack depends on the opposing unit types, their location on the map (forests and mountains provide more cover than roads and fields) and the remaining health of your unit. Your vehicles need to be refueled or they become immobile, and different vehicles use up fuel at different rates.

You can play against the computer or a human opponent, and there are 15 maps to choose from.


Commander Samusun

Commander Samusun

In this game, every map has its own C.O. for both the Orange Star and Blue Moon armies. On the Donut Island map, the Orange Star C.O. is Commander Samusun, whose face appears as Samus Aran's mask from the Metroid series.

Submitted by Fryguy64, screenshot by ReyVGM

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