Kirby Super Star

星のカービィ スーパーデラックス

Kirby Super Star Screenshot
System Super Famicom / SNES
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre 2D Platformer

A collection of short Kirby adventures. Bring back the food stolen by King Dedede in Spring Breeze, find the giant bird that's destroying all the crops in Dyna Blade, race against Dedede in Gourmet Race and hunt for lost treasure in The Great Cave Offensive.

Two more adventures can also be unlocked. Bring down the Halberd in Revenge of the Meta Knight and travel the galaxy to stop the sun and moon from fighting in Milky Way Wishes.

Kirby can transform his inhaled abilities into Helpers that can be controlled by the computer or a second player to help him take out enemies and solve puzzles.

Alternate Versions

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra

An expanded remake of Kirby Super Star for the Nintendo DS. While the main game is the same, it features many new game modes. Revenge of the King is a harder version of Spring Breeze, Meta Knightmare Ultra lets you play through the main games as Meta Knight, Helper to Hero is an arena battle where you play as Kirby's Helpers, and The True Arena is a much harder challenge mode.

There are also more multiplayer modes and minigames to play.

Kirby Super Star Chapters

  • Spring Breeze

    King Dedede has stolen all of the food in Dream Land. Kirby must fight his way to Mt. Dedede and get it back.

  • Dyna Blade

    A giant bird named Dyna Blade has been destroying Dream Land's crops and terrifying its inhabitants. Kirby sets off to put a stop to the bird's rampage.

  • Gourmet Race

    Kirby has discovered a land filled with delicious food. As soon as he arrives, however, he finds out that King Dedede has beaten him there. Now the two must race across the land, scoffing food, to see who will win the right to eat.

  • The Great Cave Offensive

    While on a stroll, Kirby falls into a pit fall, landing in an underground world filled with treasure. Can he escape the labyrinth and collect all of the ancient treasures below?

  • Revenge of Meta-Knight

    The dastardly Meta-Knight and his followers have constructed the terrible Halberd - a flying war machine that will help them to take control of Dream Land. Kirby sets off on a mission to bring the Halberd down, and stop Meta-Knight's plans.

  • Milky Way Wishes

    The sun and the moon are fighting. A Dream Lander called Marx tells Kirby to travel across the solar system and speak to Nova, a wish-granting machine that can put a halt to the fighting for good.

As well as the five main games, there are also two minigames to play. In Megaton Punch, you have to line up two power bars in order to give Kirby the strength to break blocks (and Pop Star). In Samurai Kirby, you have to test your reflexes against a range of enemies.

Release Information

Super Famicom / SNES Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 21 Mar 1996 星のカービィ スーパーデラックス Hoshi no Kirby: Super Deluxe SFC/SNES
US Sep 1996 Kirby Super Star SFC/SNES
Europe 08 Jan 1997 Kirby's Fun Pak SFC/SNES
Japan 13 Oct 2009 星のカービィ スーパーデラックス Hoshi no Kirby: Super Deluxe Wii
Virtual Console
US 17 May 2010 Kirby Super Star Wii
Virtual Console
Europe 28 May 2010 Kirby's Fun Pak Wii
Virtual Console

Nintendo DS Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 06 Nov 2008 星のカービィ ウルトラスーパーデラックス Hoshi no Kirby: Ultra Super Deluxe Nintendo DS
US 22 Sep 2008 Kirby Super Star Ultra Nintendo DS
Europe 18 Sep 2009 Kirby Super Star Ultra Nintendo DS


Mario Audience

Mario Audience

During the Megaton Punch minigame and the Spring Breeze battle with King Dedede, you can see guests from the Mario series watching from the sidelines. Mario, Luigi, Toad and Birdo appear to cheer you on.

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Kirby Super Star Ultra

The same characters no longer appear on both sides. On the left you can see Mario, Peach and Toad, and on the right you can see Wario and Luigi.

Submitted by Fryguy64, MEGAߥTE, Smashchu

Stone Ability

When Kirby uses his Stone ability he transforms into a variety of heavy objects. He may also transform into statues of Nintendo heroes:

Golden Mario Statue


The hero of the Mario series, striking his trademark victory pose. This gold statue appears extremely rarely.

Golden Samus Statue

Samus Aran

The heroine of the Metroid series, in a crouching pose. This gold statue appears extremely rarely.

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Kine, Rick, Coo (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

When Kirby uses the Stone ability, he may randomly transform into a statue of Kine, Rick or Coo, the three animal helpers from Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Submitted by Fryguy64, Smashchu, Dasher Misire screenshots by KindarSpirit and YoungLink

Other Ability References

Sword Kirby

Sword Ability

When Kirby gains the Sword ability he wears a green cap and a sword with a blue handle, referencing Link and the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series. Some of Kirby's sword attacks also seem to be modelled on Link's attacks from throughout the series.

Yo-yo Kirby

Yo-yo Ability

Several readers have suggested that Kirby's Yo-yo ability is modelled after Ness from EarthBound. Yo-yo Kirby wears a baseball cap, the ability icon has a background similar to EarthBound's File Select screen, and both games were developed by HAL Laboratory.

Submitted by Fryguy64, YoungLink

Great Cave Offensive Treasures

Great Cave Offensive Treasures

In the Great Cave Offensive, many of the treasures are precious artifacts and items from Japanese folklore. Some of them are also from Nintendo games:


Many of the treasures are objects from Japanese folklore, and so have inspired items and objects from other games, such as Castlevania and Mystical Ninja. However, these are not game cameos.

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Kirby Super Star Ultra

As in Kirby Super Star, many of the treasures in the Great Cave Offensive are based on items from other Nintendo games. However, a number of the treasures have changed or been renamed, and a few new treasures have been added:

Submitted by Fryguy64, Smashchu, YoungLink

Milky Way Wishes Staff Roll

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At the end of the Milky Way Wishes staff roll, Mario appears alongside the Nintendo logo.

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Kirby Super Star Ultra

During the staff roll for Milky Way Wishes, Kirby appears standing next to a statue of Mario in the lower-left corner of the touch screen.

Submitted by YoungLink, TV Eye, Teisama


Screenshot Required

Meta Knight's ship is named the Halberd. While a Halberd is a type of weapon, it is also likely to be a reference to HAL Laboratory, the developers of the game.

Submitted by Da Robot


Lololo & Lalala

Lololo & Lalala

The bosses of Stage 2 of Spring Breeze, Lololo & Lalala, are based on the characters Lolo and Lala from HAL Laboratory's Adventures of Lolo series.

Motor Shotzo

Motor Shotzo

The Motor Shotzo enemy that appears in the Revenge of Meta Knight chapter is based on the player's vehicle in HAL Laboratory's Japan-only Game Boy game Charge! Ponkotsu Tank.

Battle Windows

Battle Windows

One of the boss battles is based on classic RPGs, and appears to be played in windows that resemble those from the Mac OS 7.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the boss reappears, but this time the windows have been upgraded to Mac OSX 10.2.

Submitted by TV Eye, Parrothead, MEGAߥTE

Kaboola (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Screenshot Required

During the boss battle against Kaboola, he fires bullets with faces, similar to the Bullet Bill enemies from the Mario series.

Submitted by The Qu

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