Mach Rider


Mach Rider
System Famicom / NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Racing

In the year 2112, the Earth has been invaded by Evil Forces. A lone motorcycle-riding vigilante stands against the invaders as he travels from city to city, searching for survivors.

You must travel along the twisting roads and reach the goal within the time limit. Mach Rider can shoot the Evil Forces off the roads, or push them off the road by ramming them from the side. Stages are also littered with oil slicks, puddles and ice patches that cause you to slip, and Oil Drums that must be avoided.

Each course has two routes you choose at the start of each stage.

Alternate Versions

VS. Mach Rider

VS. Mach Rider

Two arcade versions of Mach Rider were released. The Fighting Course version was released in Japan, and the Endurance Course version was released in the United States. Both version feature slightly higher speed and some new graphic scenes, including a full body shot of Mach Rider and his motorcycle.

  • Fighting Course Version

    Based entirely around the Fighting Course in Mach Rider, you have to reach the goal with a limited number of lives while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Like in the home version, you can choose between two different paths before you start each race.

  • Endurance Course Version

    Based entirely around the Endurance Course mode of the home game, you have to travel a certain distance within the time limit, while racing against enemies.