Metroid Fusion


Metroid Fusion
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Nintendo
Genre 2D Platformer

After Samus eradicated the Metroids on SR388 in Metroid II, Biologic Space Labs is sent to investigate how the extinction affected the natural order. Samus is sent to accompany the team to the planet's surface.

An unknown virus, dubbed X, infects Samus's Power Suit. A vaccine made from Metroid cells is administered and she immediately recovers.

However, the virus quickly spreads through the BSL station, and Samus finds herself alone with only the ship's computer to guide her as the specimins collected by the scientists run amok, and Samus's infected, fully-powered Power Suit leaves a trail of destruction through the ship.




Some of the large X Viruses are surrounded by barriers made out of blocks of metal. In the top-left corner of the barrier, one of the metal parts is a GameCube.

Submitted by Shadrio

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