System GameCube
Developer Nintendo
Genre Real-Time Strategy

Captain Olimar, an intergalactic explorer from the planet Hocotate, crashlands on a strange new world. With only 30 days life support, Olimar must repair his ship and survive the deadly wildlife.

Luckily, he discovers a strange hybrid species, which he names the Pikmin, who follow Olimar and carry out his commands.

You start with a single red Pikmin, but by having it carry pellets and felled enemies back to its Onion, more Pikmin will sprout. You also meet yellow and blue Pikmin, each with different abilities.

You only get a set amount of time each day to search for ship parts, but as you repair it, new areas of the planet open up.

Release Information

Region Date Name System
Japan 26 Oct 2001 ピクミン Pikmin GameCube
US 03 Dec 2001 Pikmin GameCube
Europe 14 Jun 2002 Pikmin GameCube
Japan 25 Dec 2008 Wiiであそぶ ピクミン Wii de Asobu – Pikmin Wii
US 06 Feb 2009 New Play Control: Pikmin Wii
Europe 09 Mar 2009 New Play Control: Pikmin Wii


Olimar's Name

Captain Olimar

Olimar's name in Japanese letters is spelled オリマー (o-ri-ma). If spelled backwards, it reads マリオ (ma-ri-o), after Mario.

Submitted by Fryguy64

The Dolphin

The Dolphin

"Dolphin" was the working title for the GameCube hardware before it was released. Many N64 and Gamecube games made reference to the Dolphin name.

In Pikmin, Olimar's rocket is called the "Dolphin".

Submitted by Fryguy64


Screenshot Required

Captain Olimar's home planet is called Hokotate. The planet is named after part of the street address for Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s headquarters in Kyoto, Japan:

11-1 Kamitoba-hokotate-cho, Minami-ku - Kyoto 601-8501

Submitted by Blueberry Pie

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