System Arcade, Famicom / NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action / Platformer

Popeye and Bluto are fighting for the heart of Olive Oyl. As Popeye, you must collect the items that Olive throws from the top of the screen. If any items hit the bottom then you have to grab them quickly before you lose one of your lives.

All the while you must avoid Bluto, who runs around trying to clobber you. The Sea Hag appears at the edges of the screen on some stages, throwing bottles and skulls.

Popeye can grab the can of spinach to make himself temporarily invincible, and letting him knock Bluto into the water for bonus points.

Alternate Versions

Popeye (Famicom/NES)

Popeye (Famicom/NES)

A launch title for the Famicom in Japan. This port features downgrades in graphics from the Arcade version, but is otherwise a faithful recreation of the game.

Release Information

Arcade Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 1982 ポパイ Popeye Arcade
US 1982 Popeye Arcade
Europe 1982 Popeye Arcade

Famicom / NES Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 15 Jul 1983 ポパイ Popeye Famicom/NES
US Jun 1986 Popeye Famicom/NES
Europe 01 Sep 1986 Popeye Famicom/NES