Short Order & Eggsplode


Short Order & Eggsplode Series
System Famicom / NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action / Puzzle, Power Pad

A game that requires the NES Power Pad mat controller to play. There are two games available:

In ShortOrder you have to stand on specific pairs of buttons to add ingredients to the burgers, fulfilling the orders of the animals in the restaurant. Memorise the combinations and repeat them as the chain of ingredients becomes longer and longer.

In Eggsplode, foxes are planting bombs under the chickens. Stand on the right button for each chicken to defuse the bombs before they go off. Beware of standing on the pad corresponding to chicken eggs, or they will crack.

Release Information

Region Date Name System
US Dec 1989 ShortOrder & Eggsplode Famicom/NES

ShortOrder & Eggsplode Series