Super Famicom Wars


Super Famicom Wars
System Super Famicom / SNES
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre Strategy

An updated version of Famicom Wars, featuring old and new maps for your armies to conquer.

Build up your forces and take over cities to acquire more money. Wipe out the enemy or take their HQ in order to clear each of the maps.

Alongside the classic stages, there are 2-Player and 4-Player campaign maps that can be played against the computer or other players. The 4-player mode introduces the Green Earth and Yellow Comet armies.

Release Information

Region Date Name System
Japan 01 May 1998 スーパーファミコンウォーズ Super Famicom Wars Super Famicom
Nintendo Power
Japan 16 Feb 2010 スーパーファミコンウォーズ Super Famicom Wars Wii
Virtual Console