Super Mario Bros. 2


Super Mario Bros. 2 Screenshot
System Famicom/NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre 2D Platformer

Mario has been dreaming of a land hidden at the top of a staircase behind a mysterious door. The next day, Mario and friends go on a picnic. They find the very same door that appeared in Mario's dream, and behind it lay the land of Sub-Con, conquered by Wart using the Dream Machine. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad set off to save the dream land.

Before each level, choose between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, each with their own strengths and abilities. Cross the seven worlds of Sub-Con, grabbing and throwing enemies, items and vegetables on your way to the goal.

Super Mario Bros. 2 replaced The Lost Levels as the sequel to Super Mario Bros. outside of Japan.

Alternate Versions

Dream Factory: Dokidoki Panic

Dream Factory: Dokidoki Panic

The original game that became Super Mario Bros. 2. Help Imajin, Lina, Mama and Papa cross the Dream World of Muu to destroy the evil Mamu and his cohorts.

Super Mario All-Stars

See Also: Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

Super Mario All-Stars

A collection of Super Mario NES games, including Super Mario Bros. 2. All of the games feature enhanced 16-bit graphics and sound as well as several bug fixes.

Super Mario Advance

Super Mario Advance

A launch title for the Game Boy Advance, this remake of Super Mario Bros. 2 uses the graphics from Super Mario All-Stars and combines them with all new gameplay elements, such as giant enemies and items, new boss battles and new challenges.

Also included is Mario Bros. Classic, a multiplayer game based on the arcade Mario Bros.

Release Information

Famicom/NES Version

Region Date Name System
US Oct 1988 Super Mario Bros. 2 Famicom/NES
Europe 28 Apr 1989 Super Mario Bros. 2 Famicom/NES
Japan 14 Sep 1992 スーパーマリオUSA Super Mario USA Famicom/NES
Europe 25 May 2007 Super Mario Bros. 2 Wii
Virtual Console
US 02 Jul 2007 Super Mario Bros. 2 Wii
Virtual Console
Japan 10 Aug 2007 スーパーマリオUSA Super Mario USA Wii
Virtual Console
Japan 28 Nov 2012 スーパーマリオUSA Super Mario USA Nintendo 3DS
Virtual Console

Game Boy Advance Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 21 Mar 2001 スーパーマリオアドバンス Super Mario Advance Game Boy Advance
US 11 Jun 2001 Super Mario Advance Game Boy Advance
Europe 22 Jun 2001 Super Mario Advance Game Boy Advance

Other Availability

Super Mario Advance Changes

Super Mario Advance on Game Boy Advance introduced many changes and features that weren't in earlier versions of the game. This is by no means a definitive list, but includes the most notable alterations:

  • The game has a score. You receive bonus points for knocking out more than one enemy, and you can now earn 1UPs by knocking out multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • You are no longer limited to two extra hearts per level. Some levels have multiple Mushrooms hidden in Sub-Con, giving you an even larger life bar.
  • You can find larger versions of certain enemies that take longer to pick up than typical enemies.
  • The boss of World 3 is no longer Mouser, but the all-new Robirdo.
  • The small hearts that floated up from the ground after you defeated enemies in the original have been replaced with large hearts that can be found all over the game. Some are just floating in the air, some are buried as vegetables, you can earn them by defeating more than one enemy, and you also get them by throwing around large enemies or hitting enemies with a Shell.
  • There are five Ace Coins hidden in each level. Collecting all of them in a stage rewards you with a 1UP. There is an additional challenge for finding every Ace Coin in the game.
  • Some items are trapped in bubbles. Throw things at the bubble until it bursts.
  • A rare random item ball can be found hidden away in certain areas of the game.
  • You may occasionally find springy platforms, and certain Jars contain carousels instead of the usual platforms. Many stages have also received small tweaks in how they are laid out.


Super Mario Advance: Clawgrip

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Super Mario Advance includes short introductions to each of the boss battles. At the start of the World 5 boss battle against Clawgrip, he starts out as a Sidestepper, the crab enemy from Mario Bros.

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