Wii Room


Wii Room
System Wii, DSiWare
Developer Nintendo, Dentsu
Genre Utility, Video

A video-on-demand service set around a virtual living room where up to 8 Miis can be registered and interact with each other. The TV in the room takes the player to a video list containing cartoons, quizzes, cookery, education shows and other programs produced exclusively for the service.

A DSiWare game was also released that allows the player to watch videos on the move.

The Wii Room service was discontinued on 30th April 2012.

Release Information

Wii Channel Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 01 May 2009 Wiiの間 Wii no Ma Wii

DSiWare Version

Region Date Name System
Japan 01 May 2009 どこでも Wiiの間 Dokodemo Wii no Ma Nintendo DS


Cameo Name

Wii Fit Poster

A poster for Wii Fit was spotted in a promotional video for Wii Room.

It is not clear if this is a permanent fixture or if the user can customise their room with posters of their choice. If you have further details, please contact NinDB.

Submitted by MEGAߥTE

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