Excitebike Series

エキサイトバイク シリーズ

Excitebike was one of the earliest Famicom games worked on by Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto. A simple side-scrolling motocross racing game, that has gone on to spawn an unexpectedly long legacy.

While the game's key features include huge jumps and stunts, it is the precise controls that are the hallmark of the series. When Excitebike 64 was described as one of the most realistic motocross games every released, many of its controls were adapted from the classic 1985 game.

Excitebike Series

Game List

Game Title Release System
Excitebike Excitebike エキサイトバイク 30 Nov 1984 Famicom/NES
Excitebike VS. Excitebike VS.エキサイトバイク 1984 Arcade
VS. Excitebike VS. Excitebike VS.エキサイトバイク 09 Dec 1988 Famicom
Disk System
Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium エキサイトバイク ぶんぶんマリオバトルスタジアム 11 May 1997 Super Famicom
Excitebike 64 Excitebike 64 エキサイトバイク64 02 May 2000 Nintendo 64
Excite Truck Excite Truck エキサイト トラック 19 Nov 2006 Wii
Excite Bots: Trick Racing Excite Bots: Trick Racing エキサイト・ボットズ トリック・レーシング 20 Apr 2009 Wii
Excitebike: World Rally Excitebike: World Rally エキサイトバイク ワールドレース 09 Nov 2009 Wii
3D Classics: Excitebike 3D Classics: Excitebike 3Dクラシックス エキサイトバイク 06 Jun 2011 Nintendo 3DS